The Invertaresa Group is formed by manufacturing and services companies operating mainly in the power sector.


Our Group

Invertaresa was established to financially and functionally organize the activity of the Corporate Group, which operates in different industrial sectors.
Among the industrial companies of the Group, should be highlighted the manufacturing activities of electrical and mechanical equipment for power plants, Substations and other electrical installations for the generation of electricity,

as well as specialized equipment for wind power, thermosolar and photovoltaic energy.
In the Corporate Group we have extensive experience in the development of these activities both in Spain and in America, Africa and Asia, with our own production factories.

Internacional Presence

Thanks to the company´s know-how and extensive experience, coupled with a highly-skilled human team, it now exports to over 50 countries throughout the world, has opened factories in Morocco, Saudi Arabia and South Africa and has presence in more than 25 countries, mainly in Latin America and USA.
presencia interncaional