The Invertaresa Group is formed by manufacturing and services companies operating mainly in the power sector.


Our Companies

The industrial development of the Group consists of five plants of production, (three in Spain, one in Morocco and one in South Africa), with 295.000m2 of factory space employs more than 850 direct workers: Isowat‘s factory, dedicated to the manufacture of electromechanical products and equipments, Made´s, an industrial company of national and international reference in the manufacture of metallic structures, fittings and accessories, and Aplihorsa‘s factory, specialized in design, manufacture and assembly of prefabricated concrete elements and the construction of modular buildings and single family homes. In addition to the factories in Spain, Invertaresa has partnerships with production companies in China and Saudi Arabia. It has affiliated factories in Morocco and South Africa, Made Industrielle Maroc and Made South Africa, both destined to the production of metallic structure mainly for the thermosolar sector.
The services are grouped in Made Engineering and Isowat Electric Engineering, structure and electromechanical product engineering companies respectively, focused on the energy and telecommunication sectors; Talleres Reunidos, specializes in industrial painting application and treatment of surfaces, Entrema, company in charge of forestal services and Made Parkings, company specialized in the construction of prefabricated modular parkings. The ability to offer an integral service to his clients added to the constant innovation carried out by all its companies, allows Invertaresa to maintain the position of the Group in Spain as well as conquer new markets.

Internacional Presence

Thanks to the company´s know-how and extensive experience, coupled with a highly-skilled human team, it now exports to over 50 countries throughout the world, has opened factories in Morocco and South Africa and has presence in more than 25 countries, mainly in Latin America and USA.
presencia interncaional